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Ranger | 2019+

  • Ford Radiator Overflow Cap Cover

    Is your engine bay looking dark and gloomy? Fear no more! Boomba Racing is proud to release our coolant tank reservoir cap covers. These beautifully machined pieces of aluminum use very small set screws in order to secure themselves on top of the OEM...

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  • Ford Ranger EcoBoost BOV Adapter

    Ford Ranger EcoBoost BOV Adapter

    This adapter mounts between the OEM bypass valve/solenoid and the charge pipe, causing the unused charge air to vent to atmosphere (VTA) giving off the well known, but distinct sound all turbo owners know and love! The adapter bolts right in with the...

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  • Ranger/Mustang Ecoboost Washer Fluid Cap

    You guys asked, and we listened! Introducing our latest in dress up caps!    This washer fluid cap is CNC machined, and crafted from premium billet aluminum. Available in red, blue, black, or natural finish; it is designed to easily replace...

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