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  • 15+ WRX Adjustable Shifter Stop

    15+ WRX Adjustable Shifter Stop

    Introducing Boomba's latest product for the 2015+ WRX. This billet aluminum shifter stop is CNC machined in house at our facility in Wood Dale, IL. It's designed to drastically reduce shifter play while in gear. It essentially removes all the additional...

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  • 15+ WRX ULTIMATE Shift Package

    Are you looking for the ULTIMATE solution to tighten up shifts on your 15+ WRX? Look no further, we've got you covered. Our ULTIMATE SHIFTER PACKAGE for the 15+ WRX includes our shift lever, shift plate, brass shifter bushing, as well as our all new...

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  • 2015 + Subaru WRX Short Shift Combo

    2015 + Subaru WRX Short Shift Combo

    This Ultimate Shift Package contains everything you need to significantly reduce the shifter throw while also improving the shift feel and accuracy of your Subaru WRX. Buying these items as a combo saves you $20 over buying them individually...

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  • 2015 + Subaru WRX Short Throw Shifter Lever

    2015 + Subaru WRX Short Throw Shifter Lever

    Install Manual   This short shift lever is built for performance without compromising comfort. It installs easily, replacing the OEM shift lever on your Subaru WRX with no modifications required to the surrounding console. The re-engineered lever...

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  • 2015+ WRX Brass Shifter Bushing

    Introducing Boomba Racing's newest product release for the 2015+ Subaru WRX. This brass shifter bushing is meant to replace the OEM rubber bushing on the transmission input arm. Replacing that rubber bushing with our solid brass bushing leads to a much...

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  • Subaru WRX/STI Round Shift Knob 270G

    Subaru WRX/STI Round Shift Knob 270G

    Install Guide   *Please note your order if the vehicle you are purchasing this for is a BRZ/FRS/GT86.   These shift knobs feature a precision CNC machined brass core for added weight as well as a delrin shell for durability, excellent...

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