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    Type R (FN2) Torque Dampers Type R (FN2) Torque Dampers

    Honda Civic Type R (FN2) Torque Dampers

    Boomba Torque Dampers are designed to eliminate wheel hop and improve the vehicle stability. They allow the wheels to gain better tractions and improve acceleration. They eliminate 100% of wheel hop. Installation is simple and does not require engine...

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    Now: $147.50
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  • Universal Large Catch Can

    Universal Large Catch Can

    The Boomba Racing Universal Large Catch Can prevents build up of oil residue in the intake system and the engine.   -Holds over 350ml of liquid -Inlet/Outlet for 3/8" hose -Quick Drain Valve -2-step outlet filtration system -User-configurable...

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