Catch Cans, Stage 1 or Stage 2? Which Should YOU Buy?

Catch Cans, Stage 1 or Stage 2? Which Should YOU Buy?

Posted by Steve on 19th Mar 2020

Turbocharged Direct injected motors. These exist in a HUGE part of modern automobiles. Every manufacturer has a direct injected motor. They are highly efficient due to the fuel being injected straight into the combustion chamber. There is a fatal flaw with them though, and that is blow by. Often these engines contain not only high compression, but they are also jam packed with boost and this leads to tremendous amounts of blow by. For those of you that don’t know what blow-by is; it is essentially the fuel and oil getting by the piston rings and it finds itself in the PCV system. This is normally fine because cars have had PCV’s for years. In fact, they are designed to contain the harmful gasses and oil mist and burn them off in the combustion process. But since you don’t have port injection this leads those intake valves to get all gummed up with those oil and fuel particles. This can lead to rough idle, misfires and lost power in the long term. Now obviously there is no cure for blow-by, it’s a trait of these engines. What you can do however is contain the contaminants. A catch can is in short, an air oil separator for the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation), or CCV (crank case ventilation) system. It exists to take all that air oil mist that gets pushed through the PCV and it filters out the contaminants, catching them in the can (that’s where the term ‘catch can’ comes from!)

Our catch cans are available for 2 different locations, Stage One or CCV: and Stage Two or PCV.

The most common question we get is which one should I buy and why? Well we are here to answer that!

For starters, Stage 1 is a relatively low-pressure system, CCV stands for Crank Case Vent. This system vents the blow-by gasses to the intake under high load situations, WOT, going uphill, in boost etc. This system typically wont catch as much as the next one.

Stage 2 is a much higher-pressure system and it relies on the PCV (Positive Crank case Ventilation). This system is always in use except in high load situations. This system is venting gasses to the intake when at idle, cruising, etc. This system is in use most of the time. This system is going to catch much more than the stage one. We recommend this location to anyone who is only purchasing one can. We also recommend this can if you’re going to purchase one at a time, this is the one you want first. 

We offer both stages for the guys or girls that want the most filtration possible.

Keep your engine running cleaner for longer with one, or two of our catch cans!