The quest for traction | Veloster N rear motor mount R&D

The quest for traction | Veloster N rear motor mount R&D

Posted by Steve on 17th Jun 2019

Wheel hop. It is what kills your 0-60, acceleration, and overall effects performance. With our Veloster N, this was the first thing we needed to address. Completely stock, we took it out onto the street and from a launch we noticed the struggle to catch traction accompanied by chatter from the tires. Stock motor mounts are designed for comfort, not performance. Manufactures design these mounts to absorb as much vibration as possible, which in turn causes the motor to sway and bounce under aggressive acceleration. The stock mount is just too soft. Before we could start designing any power/performance upgrades, we decided to stabilize the motor and get rid of the atrocious wheel hop.

Even before we got our hands on our N, our group of engineers deiced to get a jump start on this problem and purchased a stock motor mount from our local dealer. When the mount arrived one main problem stood out the most and that was the VERY large rubber bushing, the source of wheel hop. We took the knowledge from other platforms and got to work.

The first step in the process of making a high-quality product was to utilize our ROMER CMM (coordinate measuring machine) and reverse engineer the stock mount so we could learn the exact position of the mounting holes. We then take all these measurements and import them into our CAD software.

With the mounting locations in mind we design a sleeker more durable mount. After the main mount is designed it goes through a stress test on our CAD software that ensures it will hold up even under the most ludicrous engine builds.

Once we are happy with what we came up with, we shoot it over to our 3D printer to print a plastic prototype of the mount for fitment. After couple hours of printing the mount is ready to get thrown on the car for final clearance checks. If it all checks out it’s time for our milling department to make some prototypes from aluminum.

After the mounts come off the mill, they are sent to our assembly department where they will degrease prime and pour polyurethane to stabilize the bushings on the mount. Our mounts do not contain pressed in bushings, but rather we start with a 2-part polyurethane and mold the bushings into the mounts. Each bushing is poured by one of our specialists who are trained to find and troubleshoot any problems that may occur during the polyurethane process. The pouring is done utilizing a custom-made machine that ensures the perfect amount of poly is poured into each individual bushing. Molding the bushing into the mount, leads to a much more durable mount. Not only will the mount be more durable, but pouring the poly like we do ensures that the bushing will not wear down pre-maturely since it can not rotate and cause friction.

It may be the final product, but it is not done being tested. A few hard launches later, and it seems to be performing well! We feel that the power is transferred to the ground in a much more linear fashion. Removing the wheel hop from the mix makes the N feel like a little rocket. It certainly passes the road test, now to our closed course. We take our N from a stand still to a high speed, and it seems to get there much more efficiently. Even through some tight corners, the already nimble N feels more planted. Having the motor swing back and forth much less makes the car feel over all much more stable. We've had this installed on our N for quite some time now, and the car almost feels complete... Almost.

Are you starting to see why you need a motor mount? Not only are your launches going to be better but also your shifts will feel more solid. Upgrading your motor mount, you will have you feeling that your car is responding to what you want it to do. Some people aren’t a fan of the added vibrations that come with a motor mount; but as a driver, the vibes should be embraced. Being more connected with your vehicle and feeling the harmony that is driving a manual transmission is what it is all about. We not only strive to give you a more elegant product, but we want to give you a product that you will be happy with and that will last for the ages. 

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